Martha & Mary 1891-1912

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Celebrate the 125th Anniversary of

Rev. Ingebrit Tollefson and Martha & Mary Children’s Home 1891 – 1912, Lutheran Charity on the Pacific Northwest Frontier tells the story of Rev. Ingebrit Tollefson and the founding Martha & Mary Children’s Home 1891—1912.
This history of the early days of Martha & Mary, a
non-profit child and senior care provider operating throughout the Greater Kitsap region, is written by

Robert L. “Bob” Nichols, a Martha & Mary trustee
and local historian.

Mr. Nichols’ book specifically chronicles the role Norwegian Lutheran Church leaders in late 19th century Poulsbo played in meeting the urgent care needs of children in the region. As they fulfilled their vision of a living Christianity, they
also responded to their community’s urgent care needs. In founding Martha & Mary, they helped to lay the foundation for social service programs that emerged in the decades that followed.

Written by Robert L. Nichols

Proceeds benefit the Martha & Mary ‘’Quality of Life’ fund